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Jacob Santos wordpress at santosj.name
Sat Jan 19 07:30:04 GMT 2008

Ryan McCue wrote:
> Is documentation for the api.wordpress.org service available? Even 
> better, the source code? I'm looking into building a version checker 
> into my own software and, although it seems easy to build my own based 
> on what is returned, it would be really handy to see the source to see:
>    * What the php_version parameter is used for
>    * What the locale parameter is used for
>    * Any other tricks you might use
> If not, I'll write my own, but can you answer those questions please? 
> It's really bugging me :-)
> (Not sure if I sent this already, but it was sitting in my drafts folder)
> Thanks,
> Ryan.
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I would just send the exact header that WordPress sends and see what is 
returned. Then do it again with different data and record. I'm not sure 
if WordPress.org has documentation on the black box they use, but there 
is currently not a way to redirect the ping to your site (unless that is 
part of the Blackbox API based on the URL).

Anyway, I'm not interested in this topic, but if I was going to crack 
the API, that is the method I would use to do so. Sort of like 
regression testing, in my opinion.

Well, good luck hacking the API, if you do succeed (and there isn't any 
reason you shouldn't), then it would be awesome if /you/ documented the 


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