[wp-hackers] Commenting on new admin screens?

Jennifer Hodgdon yahgrp at poplarware.com
Wed Jan 16 22:28:57 GMT 2008

I realize the new admin screens may still be in flux, but are we allowed 
to file bugs on them yet, and/or comment on them? If so, do you want new 
bugs filed, or is there a central bug in Trac that serves as a place to 
comment on things? If not, when will it be OK to comment and file bugs?

I have a couple of comments on the new Post/Page Edit screen. For 
instance, the new tag entry area needs to have the standard "display" 
filters applied to displayed tag names -- displaying raw names from the 
DB is not good for some plugin users, and it is done in both the pop-up 
list and in the existing tags section below.

Also, I'm concerned about the way the edit screen is now set up. Any 
plugin that previously added a section to the edit screen, to look like 
a regular screen section using the pre-2.5 scheme, will not conform to 
the new scheme and will not have an open/close box any more.  I like the 
new scheme - much easier to code than the previous scheme - but the fact 
that it is changing is going to mean that plugins will either have to 
check versions and output accordingly, or be very WP-version-specific. 
This will be a major pain for plugin developers.

And are there plans to put a Manage Tags section in, basically a clone 
of Mangage Categories, but with Tags?

Ooops, I guess I made my comments, whether or not it is OK to comment 
yet... would be glad to put them in the right place on Trac, if only I 
knew where that was...


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