[wp-hackers] Why are we supporting BlueHost?

Otto otto at ottodestruct.com
Wed Jan 16 16:49:01 GMT 2008

After seeing that the WordPress.org website is supporting BlueHost by
having them highlighted on the top of the list at
http://wordpress.org/hosting/ , I'm forced to ask, why?

BlueHost has shown to be nothing but problematic going by posts in the
forums. There's plenty of threads detailing problems they have with
people complaining about "excessive CPU Usage" and sites going down
for no reason, and other hosting issues.

Then today, I see this one: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/152170

Summary: Somebody comments on this guy's blog and uses the F word and
they kill his site.

Seriously, I could not recommend BlueHost to anybody, as I've never
heard anything good about them. I think GoDaddy is a better host, and
that's saying a lot because I detest GoDaddy hosting. So why is
WordPress.org recommending them? Are they paying for top billing or


p.s. Posted to wp-hackers since I'm not sure which list in particular
it should be posted to. Will take discussion to a different list
instead, if it would be more appropriate there.

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