[wp-hackers] Regarding Tickets (has-patch needs-testing)

spencerp spencerp1 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 13:39:31 GMT 2008

I was just wondering about these tickets, wouldn't it be some-what 
better to just add a few of these (that are less complicated) to the 
Trunk, while Trunk is being inspected and tested anyway? IMHO, some of 
these tickets would be better added WHILE currently undergoing "testing" 
for Trunk from the get go.

Example: This ticket here: http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/5477

User Joe decides to come into the whole Testing Trunk and wanting to be 
part of the WordPress Community as a "tester" for future versions of 
WordPress. Now, if a ticket like that was already "In" the Trunk before 
User Joe comes along, this ticket with the patch would have already been 
included in there, and during the installation process "he" could run 
into this ticket patch first hand and then provide feedback for it.

Or, even "he" doesn't have a problem with "it" and doesn't know it needs 
testing, "us" others that know of the patch could easily test it out by 
simply doing a SVN CO on a NEW localhost install, rather then doing a 
SVN CO, then apply patch, then attempt install to test it.

Same kinda goes for the tickets involving "untested new 
importers/improvements to existing ones" like the following:

Not sure if "new testers" would come into the game, expecting to test 
these out if added to Trunk during development, but at least it'd be 
"in" a while to get "love" sooner. Reports could come in faster, more 
attention (to get issues taken care of) asap as well. And heck, even if 
those things don't work out, they could be removed before going Beta and 
or Release.

The other thing I wanted to get out on the table, is, the fact that some 
of the ticket patches were tested, but just given up on. Like this one: 

I can understand maybe why those were abandoned, but rather then let 
them linger around, going uncommented...  why not just add a comment on 
there saying "this is no longer going to make core, it'd be best left 
for plugin" or some such? Sorry, I just wanted to get these thoughts and 
suggestions out on the table...

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