[wp-hackers] Re: WP hooks database (Pixline)

Adam Brown wphackers at adambrown.info
Thu Jan 10 21:41:14 GMT 2008

> Jeremy Visser dixit:
> > That is very cool, but why not contact Mark Jaquith (the maintainer of
> > wphooks.flatearth.org if I remember correctly) and volunteer to
> > integrate this stuff into his site?

Responding to Jeremy and Pixline:

Flatearth appears all but abandoned. Besides, my purpose was to
automate this rather than rely on manual documentation. Towards that
end, I made a couple major changes to the site today. It now scrapes
the WP codex to provide descriptions for over 380 hooks. It also uses
a simple algorithm to give a list of related hooks for each hook in
the database. (To see these changes, you need to be viewing the entry
for a single hook--you won't see them if you're looking at a list of
hooks for a particular version.)

Adam R. Brown
Doctoral candidate, UCSD Political Science

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