[wp-hackers] Which wp-includes file(s) would you like to see fully documented?

Jacob Santos wordpress at santosj.name
Sun Jan 6 18:25:07 GMT 2008

My involvement in the PHPdoc effort will end next Sunday, so this week 
I'm going to try to get all of the parameters, return types, and short 
descriptions finished for as many files as possible.

Are there any files that anyone would like to see fully documented, that 
isn't functions.php, formatting.php, classes.php, and posts.php? Right 
now I'm focusing on completing everything that has less than 20 items 
that can be documented, but everything beyond that is a coin toss. Well, 
I also want to get all of the short descriptions and parameter/return 
descriptions done first.

Is there anyone else that wishes to continue the effort after the 13th? 
I have general phpdoc templates for 99% of the functions in wp-includes, 
you just fill in the information. The templates won't be committed until 
they have more information, the core team seems to like committing the 
documentation if it has short descriptions, as well as parameter 
description and return types and descriptions. Committing the templates 
as they are now would be ugly.

If at the very least, I should have time to pick the effort back up in 
the summer. Dude! I'm going to graduate this semester!

Thanks, I very much enjoyed the past four months!


Jacob Santos

http://www.santosj.name - blog

Also known as darkdragon and santosj on WP trac.

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