[wp-hackers] Re: Stats for 2007

spencerp spencerp1 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 6 10:15:04 GMT 2008

Jacob Santos wrote:
> spencerp wrote:
>> perhaps stats on how much crap/tickets/stuff keeps lingering around 
>> and not being taken care of for core? heck, maybe it will/would help 
>> get even more people there to help... after all, there's where the 
>> real big stats lay... sorry, I'm in cranky sarcastic mood tonight..
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> Hmm, I'm one of the haterz about the total tickets and about the ones 
> that have patches aren't committed.
> I think stats on milestones and how many tickets were fixed in each 
> milestone verses how long the milestone was held open for (meaning it 
> was the trunk version as well as the ones in the branches).

Yeah, the thing is though... that's fine and dandy. People will see/say, 
"gee willikers... this many tickets were found/fixed... but look at the 
huge amount that was pushed over to the next future version but once 

Example, stuff like this are but a coin toss on what-to-do with it...

a) (choose what's best, via a "vote") then commit it..
b) (rather then constantly bump it) just flush (delete) it

Uh, not really THAT complicated... last I knew, stuff like those tickets 
won't affect the Admin redesign either... But ah well, let's keep 
kicking it forward... who knows, maybe by the year 2020 it will get some 
love... Let's flip a coin.. head = keep / tails = heap...

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