[wp-hackers] Mass Select Users For Editing (#5592)

Chris Poteet cpoteet at siolon.com
Sun Jan 6 05:41:38 GMT 2008

I noticed that you can't check a checkbox and select all users in a
similar way to mass editing comments/links. I went about creating
this. The file contains a new JS function for the user page, I
refactored a JS function, and I edited the UI for the edit users page.
Now, when a user clicks the input checkbox it will select all users in
that specific role for editing (and unchecking as well).

The only thing to note is when a user adds a user the Ajax response
doesn't pass in a class name (which I made the role) which the JS
functions depends on. So if a user adds a user and then tries to
select all users under that role then it will omit the one user from
the Ajax response. I tried editing admin-ajax, but I am so sick of
working on this I hope someone else can do it.


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