[wp-hackers] plugin non-update and forum non-posting

Stephanie Booth bunnylists at gmail.com
Fri Jan 4 12:56:39 GMT 2008

On Jan 3, 2008 11:23 PM, Barry Abrahamson <barry at automattic.com> wrote:
> Sorry for the delay, your plugin is now up to date.  I think we have
> found the problem that was causing plugins not to update so hopefully
> it will not happen again.

Cool, Barry. I've finally been able to upload my new plugin, Bunny's
Language Linker. Two weird things, though

a) when I'd just uploaded it, it appeared both in the newest plugins
list and the recently updated one, but the url for it (when you
clicked the name) was http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins//  <-- note
the double // (blank plugin slug?)
b) now, the plugin is reachable at
http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/bunnys-language-linker/ but it
doesn't show up in the recently added plugins list anymore (nothing
since Jan 2nd?)

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