[wp-hackers] Re: 2.5 admin menu thoughts

Mr. Awesome theone.andonly.mr.awesome at gmail.com
Fri Feb 29 04:30:05 GMT 2008

Computer Guru wrote:
> Two more things:
> 1) You can no longer see the full comment on edit-comments.php - this
> can be a real PITA.
> 2) You cannot access the actual post from the "manage posts" page -
> you can only access the link to edit them.

Speaking of the Comment and Manage posts pages...

How about removing the Comment link under the main top navigation menu now?

The comment landing page could be accessed via the main Comment button 
tab in main navigation menu, OR, the "All Comments" little link right 
above the comment section itself...

As for the Manage Posts page, it's pushing towards right side of screen 
again. Perhaps reducing the padding-right / padding-left on the Author 
column, or Date column would help that... I'm not sure what else could 
help prevent that from happening.

In other News, the Media Library scroll effect is happening again. This 
seemed to be fixed just the other day, but it's back again...

And last but not least, what's to be expected about older styling such 
as plugins or what-not. I know with the new admin design, older styling 
will have to be accounted for then. So, is there maybe a way to account 
for it in the CSS file perhaps? Well, until plugins and such are updated 
to the new admin redesign or whatever?

I noticed this article was written up:

But is there maybe a way to help "correct/fix" those plugins, that don't 
really have much styling from the start? Perhaps a style "adjustment" 
for ones that really just have borders or whatever?

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