[wp-hackers] GSOC Proposal: Improved Controller

Jacob Santos wordpress at santosj.name
Fri Feb 29 01:43:54 GMT 2008


Improving the current controller/query model to allow for simple hooking
for adding pages and queries. This will allow for even the most novice of
users to create pages not dependent of query vars and having the user
create pages with some tag. It will also allow better CMS capabilities.


* Single function for setting the permalink (also query path) and the
query. Then passing the function and/or page which will be redirected to.

* Improved API for adding query conditions (functions are easily added by
plugins, but need better way to hook into conditionals) with single

* Will not change the concept of "Views" (see Template Work Flow).

* Create new library or improve current library for better testability
(current code might already have test cases).

* Arguments Against *

The current method works well and wouldn't need that much work to add the
above without to much refactoring. With improved documentation from
examples of the community, developers will know the ins and outs of the
Controller model.

Jacob Santos

http://www.santosj.name - Personal Blog
http://funcdoc.wordpress.com - WordPress Function Documentation Blog

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