[wp-hackers] Upgrade sanity checks

Paolo Tresso / Pixline supporto at pixline.net
Thu Feb 28 15:23:14 GMT 2008

> So localizing WP is not just a matter of creating a single language
> files.

I think that having the official md5 for each single version, even the  
localized one, would not be so hard; it just involves a bit more  
'standardized' dealing for officially localized releases, and if the  
files are hosted in the same place it would be easy; as far as I can  
remember only some languages aren't listed - yet - in the regular  
wordpress svn.

Beside of this, I think it would not be so hard to do, having an API:

WP check its version and release
» ask API the file list for that version and that release
« API returns the complete filelist and the global md5
WP checks its very same files and get its md5
WP compare the two, and do something.

maybe I'll try it this evening :-)


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