[wp-hackers] Upgrade sanity checks

Nikolay Bachiyski nbachiyski at developer.bg
Thu Feb 28 08:22:31 GMT 2008

2008/2/28, Stefano Aglietti <steagl4ml at gmail.com>:
> On Wed, 27 Feb 2008 14:04:26 -0600, Otto <otto at ottodestruct.com>
>  wrote:
>  >Now, I've seen a trac ticket for case #1 before (and that can be
>  >solved by better error handling in upgrade.php), so I was thinking
>  >about case #2. Is it possible for the upgrade.php file to perform a
>  >sanity check, and make sure that all the WordPress files are present
>  >and correct?
>  >
>  >One way would be to have it load some other file which is a list of
>  >all the WordPress files, then check (and potentially hash) them all to
>  >ensure that they are unchanged. Every time a new release occurred,
> Great idea, when developped I would remeber the programmes to not
>  forget that all this should works for localized files too (unless by
>  that time hard coded strings will be centralized in some wat avoiding
>  single file editing)

On every release at locale.wordpress.org we can compute the sums and
hand them out to the api server. The client with non-default locale
will get both the official and the local set of checksums for the new
version. To me, it seems a tolerable overhead.

Happy hacking,

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