[wp-hackers] Google Summer of Code 2008

Andrew Ozz admin at laptoptips.ca
Tue Feb 26 18:13:31 GMT 2008

You can pretty much see the flow in wp-settings.php, or at least the 
beginning of it, when a function becomes available, etc.

Dan Larkin wrote:
> I'd love to get in on GSoC as a student.  If I had the credentials to be a
> mentor I'd jump on it, but unfortunately I'm not really qualified for that.
> In any case, there is a project that I'd like to see accomplished, whether
> as GSoC or simply as a wonderful part of WP in general.  That is some sort
> of code flow documentation.  Inline documentation is great, and it helps a
> ridiculous amount, but for those trying to get into WP hacking, the idea can
> be daunting.  I've only been hacking around WP casually for a couple months
> and the greatest obstacle I've faced is figuring out which parts of code
> call which other parts.  It's not necessarily that it's hard to do, but it's
> very time consuming.  An all-in-one code flow doc, whether it be an HTML
> handbook or a wiki, would be really helpful, especially to beginning WP
> hackers.  Just throwing it out there as an idea.
> :: Dan Larkin

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