[wp-hackers] Google Summer of Code 2008

Dan Larkin nitephire at gmail.com
Tue Feb 26 18:13:14 GMT 2008

To be honest I'm not sure exactly how it would fit into that To Do list, but
I'll attempt to explain in more detail what I'm proposing here at least.  I
stumbled upon David's code flow page before and found it to be very
incomplete in regards to what I'm looking to do.  I guess my aim is to
completely flesh out that Query Overview page, and then some.

It does a good job of starting the explanation, at least for the non-admin
pages.  What I'd like to see is a group of pages that explains not only what
the main functions are, but also what these functions do in detail.  I'd
like to see a document specify which filters and hooks are run at which
point in the process, and what they can be used for.  I'd like to see
case-specific data paths.  For instance, I want to see how a page is
processed differently than a post, how a pingback is processed differently
than a regular comment, etc.  I want to see this sort of thing spread across
the the admin pages as well.  Pretty much I want to see explanations of the
code, not just the code itself.

>From what I understand, WP is designed to be accessible.  A project with as
many lines of code as WP is inherently inaccessible.  In economic terms,
it's an oligopoly for experienced developers - there is a pretty high
barrier to entry, and that is determining quickly and easily where and how
data is handled.  It takes quite a lot of time to do without proper

That said, I'd love to take this on as a GSoC project.  I'd start on it now
if I didn't have school to worry about.  Unfortunately I do, so I'll have to
wait for summer.  Even then, if I don't get in on GSoC I'll have to find a
different source of income and won't be able to focus my efforts toward this
project.  So in that case, I'd be more than grateful if someone else could
make it happen, either as a GSoC project or otherwise.

:: Dan Larkin

On 2/26/08, Jennifer Hodgdon <yahgrp at poplarware.com> wrote:
> Dan Larkin wrote:
> > In any case, there is a project that I'd like to see accomplished,
> whether
> > as GSoC or simply as a wonderful part of WP in general.  That is some
> sort
> > of code flow documentation.
> There is some documentation on code flow in the Codex -- at least an
> outline of what happens when you visit a non-admin blog page:
>    http://codex.wordpress.org/Query_Overview
> Also, David House started another page to describe code flow, but
> hasn't updated it for a year, so I don't know what his plans are:
>    http://codex.wordpress.org/User:DavidHouse/Wordpress_Code_Flow
> I think it was in response to this support request:
>    http://wordpress.org/support/topic/33788
> If you can describe what kind of other code flow you would like to see
> that would be useful, maybe you can add it to the To Do document:
>    http://codex.wordpress.org/JHodgdon/Dev_Doc_To_Dos
>      --Jennifer
> ps: cc'd doc list on this...
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