[wp-hackers] wp-comments-post.php & file upload problem

Beth Cleaver cleavere at bellsouth.net
Mon Feb 25 17:50:47 GMT 2008


Y'all are my last hope of figuring this problem out.

I have a blog (linked at the eom) on 2.3.3, and everything is fine with 
it.  I got an add-on domain the other day and after a lot of 
hair-pulling, I finally got WP installed on the same server account as 
my regular blog (related wp forum thread here 
<http://wordpress.org/support/topic/158528?replies=3>).  Yay, right?  
Eh, not quite. 

The add-on domain/blog URL is http://mccainblogs.com/ (don't heckle me 
pls) and the location is /public_html/mccainblogs.com/(wordpress files); 
in the options the wordpress address is set as 
http://bamapachyderm.com/mccainblogs.com.  (That's just background 
information, I guess.)
My problem*:  I can't comment on mccainblogs.com; I get the dreaded 
blank screen stuck on wp-comments-post.php, no redirect to the original 
post, and no comment gets posted.  I've seen this issue in the WP forums 
and elsewhere around the internets, but I can't find a solution that 
applies even closely enough to help me figure it out.  I'm not hosted on 
Yahoo or IIS or any of those places, I'm hosted at Blogs-About (with 
Lisa Sabin).  I *have* turned off all plugins and tried the default 
theme, and the same thing happens with comments.  When I tried 
commenting using IE, I saw that it's giving a 405 error. (!)

*The other problem:*  I also can't upload anything (images) from the 
admin (post) panel.  It does nothing when I do it, and whatever I try to 
upload shows up nowhere on the server.  I can work around that with ftp, 
but obviously I'd rather not.

I'm SURE this is all because of the add-on domain, because everything 
works fine on my regular blog and my "testing" blog 
(bamapachyderm.com/testing/ - nothing special with that one).  I just 
don't know what I'm missing!  My .htaccess file is very close to the one 
on my regular blog (with obvious changes, like instead of 
bamapachyderm.com I have mccainblogs.com where needed).  Is it possible 
my .htaccess file should NOT say mccainblogs.com, but should instead 
refer to the wordpress location address? 
(bamapachyderm.com/mccainblogs.com/)  I do NOT want to have 
bamapachyderm show up in the mccainblogs.com URL to visitors, but I 
don't care what it looks like to me, if that matters.

My assumption is that there's something I need to change in the 
.htaccess file, but I don't know what that change would be. I even 
thought maybe it had something to do with the canonical url, but this is 
a new blog and I haven't set up any kind of redirects (/www/no www/ or 
whatever) for it, and I'd think if that were the problem, I'd have it on 
my regular blog as well, which I don't.

What am I missing, besides sleep?




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