[wp-hackers] Media Library design thoughts/ suggestions...

spencerp spencerp1 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 24 05:49:33 GMT 2008

Again, on the Media Library page, I'm STILL getting a huge scroll bar 

Thought maybe, if things were "bundled" in a preset width section, it 
wouldn't be pushing things over to the right hand side, resulting into a 
huge scroll bar effect. This is on my 800x600 res screen. This also 
happens when viewing the Support Forums sometimes when people use 
extremely looong titles for threads. Borks the front page of Support 

Spencer: damn it

Jeremy: ah, I see what you mean

Spencer: they do it on the MANAGE page... when viewing posts

Jeremy: maybe you want:
table.somethingorother {
max-width: 100%;
oh wait
I know why it's wrapping
I mean not wrapping
because it's a URL with no spaces

Spencer: ahhh yes

Jeremy: look at how you edited the image
when you typed in that text, you manually put those line breaks in the 
middle of the URL
the web browser doesn't know how to do that

Spencer: ahh

Jeremy: so it just makes the table really long
so you want overflow: hidden, possibly

I didn't want to do anything "patch wise" because I wasn't sure what 
Andy or anyone else was doing with it yet. But just wanted to point it 

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