[wp-hackers] Re: Turn off blog/ Pure CMS?

Hacker Scot shacker at birdhouse.org
Thu Feb 21 16:41:32 GMT 2008

On Feb 21, 2008, at 3:40 AM, wp-hackers-request at lists.automattic.com  

> Seriously, everytime I hear or read "WP as a CMS" it really makes me
> want to punch someone in their face.
> WP.... is.... a... FUCKING CMS damnit !!

You and I know that, but bosses don't know it. Because WP has focused  
on being the best blogging platform, and because that's 99% of its  
usage, it can take quite a bit of selling and example showing to  
convince bosses and clients that it's up the task for their site. I  
personally think there's still a lot of work to do to get that message  
out, to convince people that they don't necessarily need Drupal or  
whatever. I'd love to see a Codex page listing WP sites that look  
nothing like blogs. And I'd love to see a line on the homepage of  
wordpress.org  and linking to that page.

Just calling it a "semantic publishing platform" on the homepage isn't  
enough - it should  be made explicit on the homepage that WP is a  
great CMS for many types of sites. If we don't  use the actual words  
"content management system" on the homepage, it's no wonder suits  
aren't getting the message.


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