[wp-hackers] Turn off blog/ Pure CMS?

Jacob Santos wordpress at santosj.name
Thu Feb 21 16:10:02 GMT 2008

Yes, you can use the WordPress API and build pages at the root which
either pull from the posts table as page type in the WordPress

If you mean CMS in the sense that you can add news area, forum area,
comments area, etc easily by dropping a plugin, I would say you need to
use an application built specifically for that purpose which has those

In the basic sense, WordPress makes it extremely difficult, but not
impossible, to enhance the base feature set. You can't really (that I know
of and I don't know much about the query and theme workflow systems) add
new theme conditions to pull in specific pages (without using page
templates). You can't extend the query system (again, I've looked at it
and much of it does not look like it is extensible.

You can get around this by using techniques, some intelligent people have
posted to the mailing list, but I doubt it is common knowledge and without
their permission, it is unlikely to be added to the codex (it would be
very useful, if those people would add or if they have already, posted a
link) that gives instructions on setting up redirects to custom pages.

You can add custom tags by using a plugin and modifying themes to use
them. You can also customize the navigation by using Widgets.

I will say, that you have to choose the best application for task, you
/could/ make WordPress into a task tracker, like Trac or Bugzilla, but I
would just as well advise using either Trac, Bugzilla, etc because of the
amount of development hours that has already been invested in making those
applications the best they can be.

Now, if you wanted something simple, like a mini or medium sized site,
then yeah, WordPress could be your CMS, however, if you want something
more powerful, then you'll probably want to use something built
specifically for CMS.

> Ironically, a followup to such language is "Pardon my French". ;)
> Perhaps I phrased it wrongly.  WordPress is a heavily blog-oriented
> CMS.  The question (which has been largely answered) is:
> Can we remove the blog aspects of the admin and make it a purely page-
> based CMS?

The answer is yes. You can do whatever you want, however you want it,
depending on how much work you are willing to put into achieving it.

Just change the permission of the menu link and the permission to the post
page. You can also decide to change the homepage page and the posts page
to something different. You can also add administration pages.

You can replace the administration by having the page in the plugins.
There is a bug report, but all indications says that the behavior is

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