[wp-hackers] Turn off blog/ Pure CMS?

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I agree with Alex. I use WP as a CMS a lot and always have a need for
content that is outside the normal page hierarchy (news items, products,


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Hmm, well i'm a little confused on this one, why not just not use the 

You say you could hide it, and it seems to me that this is in effect a 
very easily implementable idea(assuming that we ignore the ignore 
principle), that I think has two possible routes.

1. The removal of the post write/management screens. This would be an 
option, like the removal of the visual editor. However, this would 
involve point two.

2. The use of theme templates to not use all the post listing functions. 
This then requires specific themes designed for the purpose.

For a site i run that is cms, i still use posts to make announcements, 
so there are different needs in a cms. just my opinions.


Stephen Rider wrote:
> Is there any way to essentially turn off the blog features of 
> WordPress and use it as a pure CMS?
> Essentially, Turn off Posts and just have Pages ?
> I know you could easily "hide" it by setting the blog page to 
> something different -- but how would we make it be "not there".
> Thought I'd throw this out to the list, as it seems it would be a good 
> feature (or tutorial) for the growing number of people for whom 
> WordPress is more CMS than blog app....
> Stephen

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