[wp-hackers] Re: 2.5 admin menu thoughts

Doug Smith doug at smithsrus.com
Wed Feb 20 17:02:54 GMT 2008

Chris Poteet wrote:

> I can't agree with this. I don't think drop downs are a big usability
> step forwards, I actually believe often times it's a step backwards.
> I am of the opinion that if you need all these levels of drop-downs
> then chances are the problem is in your IA.

I agree because I've observed so many users getting confused over drop- 
down menus and not being able to find the link they need.

There was study done on this several years ago at User Interface  

They found that sites without such things were more effective at  
getting users to where they wanted to go. Here's the gist of it from  
the article:

> Unfortunately the information in fly outs, rollovers, or dropdowns  
> can't help users decide where to click because the information isn't  
> available to users when they are making their decision. It isn't  
> until after they've decided where to click that they see what the  
> element has to say.
> In our studies, we observed that once users realized there was more  
> information available to them, they stopped and re-evaluated the  
> screen. Users seemed disoriented by this disruption in activity and  
> they lost confidence that they were clicking in the right places.  
> The users now questioned a choice that seemed to be a good one  
> earlier.

Doug Smith <doug at smithsrus.com>

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