[wp-hackers] Re: 2.5 admin menu thoughts

Chris Poteet cpoteet at siolon.com
Wed Feb 20 02:54:33 GMT 2008

> As to drop down admin menus - so easy to achieve - these appear to have never found
> favour with the WP devs despite the enormous gain in usability that
> they offer and their acceptance in just about every major interface
> you can name. I shall now step out of this thread and go back to
> getting my own plugins 2.5 ready.

I can't agree with this.  I don't think drop downs are a big usability
step forwards, I actually believe often times it's a step backwards.
I am of the opinion that if you need all these levels of drop-downs
then chances are the problem is in your IA.  It's like throwing more
hardware at poorly designed software--eventually it will catch up to

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