[wp-hackers] 2.5 admin menu thoughts

Ozh ozh at planetozh.com
Tue Feb 19 12:59:24 GMT 2008

Hello there

Just a couple of thoughts/questions, nothing productive really.

I'm in the process of getting myself used to the new backend look before I 
start updating my plugins, and there's something I don't get in the new UI 
: how various admin links are spread all over the header.
1) link to dashboard in the upper left corner
2) link to your profile in the upper right corner
3) links to plugins / users / settings on the right hand
4) rest of the regular menu on the bottom left.

Maybe I just need some arguments to convince me, but I fail to understand 
how this is supposed to make things simpler. At the moment I just have to 
look around to find the link I need. Mainly, I don't get why the Dashboard 
link is alone over there, and why the "Design" link (presumably something 
you don't use every day) is not grouped with the settings / plugins links. 
If there's a point in segregating some admin links from others, I think a 
"frequent links" group (dashboard, write, manage, comments) and "settings 
links" group (options, theme, plugins) would be more efficient than the 
current 4 places.

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