[wp-hackers] Special comments managemente

Casey Bisson casey.bisson at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 12:31:38 GMT 2008

I've not yet tested, but I'd be interested in knowing if the taxonomy/ 
tag system could be applied to this.


On Feb 7, 2008, at 10:39 AM, Alan J Castonguay wrote:

> Since there would be exactly one boolean value attached to each  
> comment, you should probably just add a column [saCategoryAB] or  
> similar to the comments table.
> On 7-Feb-08, at 5:04 AM, Stefano Aglietti wrote:
>> I've been asked to make a system to manage comments in a different  
>> way
>> than the usual one.
>> Every post will have 2 columns of comments a sort od 2 and only 2
>> categories (ex A and B). During omment post users should be able to
>> selec a radio button to choose the category of the comments A or B.

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