[wp-hackers] Re: Attachments and tags

Kaf Oseo kaf at szub.net
Fri Feb 8 11:53:47 GMT 2008

Chris Poteet wrote:
>> special kind of post in the posts table. So why shouldn't they have tags
>> like posts and Pages do?
> +.5 It sounds reasonable, but attachments have never been shown
> separate from the post/page it contains in WP.


I won't go into all the backend stuff going on at the link above, but 
basically, Pastel Sketch is an attachment (image displayed on that 
'Page') tied to my 'rlc' Page. The other links on the right sidebar 
under 'RLC Image Project' are also attachments.

Let me stress this: They are not child Pages to the 'RLC Image Project' 
Page, but rather attachments.

They can exist as posts/Pages in their own right. They can have comments 
and such. But presently they're barred from having post metadata (tags 
and custom fields).


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