[wp-hackers] Unique Stubs

Bernard D. Tremblay (Ben) bentrem at aol.com
Thu Feb 7 17:53:25 GMT 2008

Ozh wrote:
> Viper007Bond wrote:
>> When the permalink structure is changed (which is a fairly bad for SEO btw), we could have it check for collisions and add in suffixes as needed.
>> Just drives me nuts that when I happen to make a post with the same name as like a year ago, it sticks a suffix on it. :(
> Actually, I love this feature, which I noticed about after more than 2  years of using WP.
> [...]
> Also, from a strict SEO perspective, I think it's rather negligible:  adding a number to your slug doesnt add or take any SEO (keyword) value from it. Seems like the best option to me.
There might be a confound happening here.

a) From SEO perspective "rather negligible" is IMHO true about appending 
a suffix, as Ozh wrote here.
b) But if  Viper007Bond meant changing the permalinks of an already 
published blog when he wrote "When the permalink structure is changed" 
then that's true; it would be calamity for SEO if  (in effect) all those 
published articles disappear and an entire set of articles spring into 
existence as though new.

"URLs should be human readable"  is priority, but that has to come after 
"URLs should be stable / persistant".


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