[wp-hackers] New uploader from #5722 in [6659]

Jacob Santos wordpress at santosj.name
Mon Feb 4 13:32:35 GMT 2008

Charles E. Frees-Melvin wrote:
> Those four icons at the top-right of the new compose window would be them.

No, but I did find it though, so thanks. Your tip only gave me enough 
hint to try to enable the RTE. In the future, or when creating the Codex 
page, you might want to mention the addendum below.

You have to have the checkbox "Use RTE" checked, I've always had it 
unchecked. I think that should be fixed so that I don't have to have it 
enabled to use the new media uploader. It doesn't appear to me to be 
dependent on the RTE, so it should work when the checkbox is unchecked.

 From what I can see, it is pure awesome and I don't notice the Flash 
elements. I haven't been following this thread to closely, so I'm unsure 
what exactly the debate is. It works fine for me and I don't think the 
majority of users will notice the flash or care that flash was used. 
That is in my humble opinion.


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