[wp-hackers] updating plugins for compatibility with 2.4.x+

chays whoooo at gmail.com
Mon Feb 4 04:33:08 GMT 2008

Hopefully, someone can tell me where I am going wrong with this?

I am in the process of updating my plugins for 2.4.x and beyond, and one of
them hooks into register_post (wp-login.php).

The old plugin only required one global, $errors, and in keeping with how
2.3.x and lower handled them, displaying the error message was only as tough
as using: *$errors['plugin'] = get_option('plugin_message');

*2.4-bleeding has changed the error stuff to a format like so:
__('<strong>ERROR</strong>: There is no user registered with that email

*I have tried everything under the sun, globalized everything I could think
of, $errors, $error, you name it, and made sure that my error message
follows the pattern above, and yet for some reason I cannot get WP to "see"
my error.
I've went so far as to place a *var_dump( $errors ); *after
do_action('register_post'); inside wp-login.php, and of course, it sees all
the standard errors, but doesnt see the one I'm adding. Yes, the actual
checking is working.

Am I missing globals? Something else that I need to add? If I take the
plugin code and paste it right above the hook, it works -- so I'm obviously
missing something.


Thanks in advance


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