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Mon Feb 4 03:42:08 GMT 2008

> On Feb 3, 2008 6:00 PM, Alex Andrews <awgandrews at gmail.com> wrote:
>> This said - looking at the Flash uploader I am positive something
>> similar could be developed in js.
> To my knowledge, no such thing has been demonstrated and it cannot be
> done with HTML+JS+PHP. Flash is not being used to add UI or do
> anything else that I know how to do in HTML+JS.
> To clarify, what we get by using a Flash uploader is the ability to
> select multiple files in the OS file dialog and the ability to monitor
> the progress of each upload. Flash is not displaying the progress
> bars; it merely triggers our JS callback which then updates the
> progress bar.

That seems cool, but I don't think multiple file selecting is all that
important, however you might be correct, in that HTML uploading doesn't
allow for this. However, I don't see how adding new html file inputs by
using JS can't be the same feature. A little less smooth, but most people
are used to that anyway.

> Does anyone question the utility of these features?

No, in my opinion that is quite hot and the addition kicks ass.

> Does anyone know how to accomplish the same experience without Flash?

Yeah, but you won't like the requirements. In PHP 5.2, there is a Upload
Progress extension, but requires that the extension be compiled in PHP,
which I'm unsure whether or not it is by default. Last time I checked PHP
5.2 was not a requirement and checking for it and providing a JS solution
is obviously not something I think is worth the time/hassle of supporting.

> Does anyone want to argue that improving the experience for the
> Flash-enabled is wrong?

No, the flash vs JavaScript debate is pointless, in my humble opinion. It
is more like the debate between ASP.NET vs PHP or C vs C++. You can go
around in circles, but the fact is, is that Flash is supported widely
enough that most arguments don't stand up against JavaScript.

> Does anyone have suggestions or code that can improve the uploader for
> non-Flash users?

Fall back to regular HTML file inputs and either use JavaScript or add
more by additional page loads as needed.

> What is the utility of prohibiting distribution of a useful
> open-source Flash program with WordPress on the basis that Flash
> itself is not open-source? I hope that everyone will see that
> WordPress is better for including it.

I think the main point of debate is more or less giving the source of the
Flash file (.fla) and including it with the distribution. I also think
that most would perceive it as a lot more difficult to edit/modify/fix,
because it isn't JavaScript.

However, I think most arguments can be broken down to that most people
can't work well with Flash (myself included) and so we are left out with
any future modifications. Also, do you know how much Adobe Flash costs?
Holy cow!

I'm neither for nor against the inclusion, since I rarely use the media
management. I'm also unsure where you guys put it, so I'm unsure what the
actual debate is about.

Jacob Santos

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