[wp-hackers] rss feed plugin for wordpress, but from a non-stable IP adress (-> pull in system for .. or forward to .. wordpress)

Michael Schmidt schmidtm524 at googlemail.com
Sun Feb 3 18:15:02 GMT 2008

want to ask for support or code help to develop a rss feed from a users
machine c++application, which is generating in a p2p style a list if top
webnews urls.
these urls then should be sent from the application to the blogpage of the
So a rss feed could be used, that all the news each day is sent to the
blogging page,
Is anyone interested in coding such a plugin, second, how can the dynamic IP
of the users machine be solved, to communicate with the wordpress blog?
(not using dyn-dns). would it be possible to have in the word press software
a pull in method, so that the machine at home of the users can be reached?
or: that the users can press a button, to push the content of the url-list
each day from the machine at home to the wordpress blog ?
What is then needed, as wordpress has a rss feedb, but that needs a stable
ip, would it be possible, to habe a plugin in wordpress, that wordpress is
the stable IP, and users could push from their home machine each day the
content? e.g. the news of the day, or the bookmarks of the day of a user?
If anyone is interested to discuss that or expand any plugin for wordpress
to send each day the new bookmarks of a user to his wordpress blog, then
feedback is appreciated..
Thanks Mike

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