[wp-hackers] [PATCH] New feature: 'Hidden' categories

Peter Westwood peter.westwood at ftwr.co.uk
Tue Dec 30 15:02:16 GMT 2008

Pascal Haakmat wrote:
> Thanks for WordPress. I've been using it for a few weeks now and
> love working with it.
> I have created a patch for WordPress 2.7 which adds the ability to
> create "hidden" categories and would like to invite your comments and
> criticisms on both idea and implementation. I have not done any 
> research on prior or similar work so please forgive me if I have
> overlooked anything.
> =======
> I often want posts to be easily accessible, but not advertised in
> public. Sometimes I just want to be able to create a post and send the
> direct link to my mother. WordPress has functionality to allow posts
> to be 'Private' or 'Protected', but both of these require the viewer
> to supply credentials. This is more than I want to subject my mother
> to. 
> I want to stress this is not a method to protect or secure posts. It
> is instead a way to organize posts so that they don't clutter up the
> main 'flow' and aren't exposed to casual viewers.
This doesn't sound like a feature that most people would require and so 
would not go into the core of WordPress.

WordPress has a comprehensive plugin system to allow you to configure it 
to provide the functionality you require.

I suspect you may find someone has already written a plugin which 
achieves what you want.

If not it shouldn't be hard to create one.



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