[wp-hackers] Another cooky question about permalinks

scribu scribu at gmail.com
Sun Dec 28 23:41:09 GMT 2008

> The problem with that is that it removes the /blog/ part completely
> (right?), and I need the posts to keep it.
> I obviously can't use is_single()  and there isn't any
> $wp_rewrite->post_structure either.
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> http://scribu.net

I figured it out.

This is what I use for categories:

$wp_rewrite->category_structure =
> str_replace('/images/','/',$wp_rewrite->front) . $wp_rewrite->category_base
> . '/%category%';

The '/images/' part is stored in $wp_rewrite->front, so I can exclude it
from the rest of the permalink structures.

Thanks Mike!


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