[wp-hackers] Database padded with junk content

DD32 wordpress at dd32.id.au
Wed Dec 24 08:22:53 GMT 2008

Hm... It seems i was wrong, The export functionality only exports the
contents of your posts table, not everything in the database (Which is what
i believe it should be doing, and ignoring the cache options etc.)

How are you backing up? The wordpress export function? A Database Backup
plugin? Something else?

The Export functionality will export all user-content, which means all the
posts, It doesnt do options, it doesnt do links, it doesnt do category
heirachies, it doesnt do tags, it doesnt do link categories, etc.  (It does
export tags and categories attached to a post, but doesnt export an actual
-list- of them)

Exporting your Database from something like PHPMyAdmin or from a Database
Backup plugin will dump -exactly- what is in your database, In there, Its
common for options to store cached data to speed up access(ie. so it doesnt
need to re-fetch the feed from a slow remote server every page load), This
is what i was thinking you were refering to.

2008/12/24 RePost <repost_08 at yahoo.com>

> DD32 wrote:
>> I guess you're referring to the rss_* options from the wp_options table,
>> Personally i'd like to see a better exporter, which can understand what
>> are
>> user settings, what are defaults, what junk the user doesnt want to backup
>> (ie. just posts? or revisions and options too? etc)
> Wait a minute? Feeds? It's sure not my feed dumping unwanted WordPress news
> in my database.
> What's the source of this content? And why would the developers so
> callously slop this stuff into users' backups? It serves no useful purpose.
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