[wp-hackers] Minify Scripts and CSS and why it isn't completely possible

Gaarai gaarai at gaarai.com
Wed Dec 24 07:26:44 GMT 2008

I do believe that you are right Jacob. I've contributed much less than 
I'm capable of contributing as of late, so it's time that I do more.

Here are some projects that I will begin working on more diligently:

    * As mentioned before, I think that having an actively-developed
      how-to plugin would be a very valuable resource for coders. It
      would provide quick access to information on how to use specific
      APIs and will serve as a best practices guide for plugin structure
      and style.
    * I don't believe that I have the best concepts for Codex page
      styling, but I can begin work on a WP function page style
      guideline that can be used to make all the function pages
      consistent while making updates and creation of new pages easier
      and quicker.
    * I propose that we make the third day of each month WordPress Codex
      Day. That day will be as I mentioned before. Essentially people
      send a message on the list that day saying that they are adopting
      a page on the Codex for that day and they will work on improving
      it. If we get enough participation, the Codex can improve
      significantly in a short amount of time.

Unfortunately, I cannot do anything about making the forum better or 
improving the site search, but I would be more than happy to provide 
feedback to people who can make such changes.

Anyone who is interested in helping out with the projects I mentioned or 
has any suggestions, please send me a message.

In the end, I do believe that we can increase participation if we simply 
1) give reminders to people to help coax them into active contributions, 
2) create a system of incentives that can help keep an individual 
contributing, and 3) provide a system that is easy to contribute to 
(with the structure of the forum, the flaky search behavior, and the 
inconsistent structure of the Codex, that is not the current state).

Chris Jean

Jacob Santos wrote:
> Sorry, I've attempted to write a comprehensive developer manual 
> several times, but I've just never had enough motivation. It is really 
> difficult to do something like what Automattic is planning with a 
> DocBook type User Manual (See Matt Mullenweg interview). I doubt it 
> will include developer related topics such as these.
> I suppose again the problem when you say that the community should do 
> something, is that really they don't have to do anything. That is the 
> problem and has always been the problem. Well, inline documentation 
> should really be written by the core developers and the ones that 
> submit patches. That said, a lot of arguing was made with much ado 
> about nothing. Nothing was done for the longest time. Really it took 
> something being accomplished first before it really took off.
> If you feel strongly about something, I suppose the best advice is to 
> bear the cross for as long as possible until someone walks by and 
> gives you a hand. Even if the article does exist, there is no telling 
> whether anyone will use it. Backwards compatibility is a strong 
> argument, which has very weak counters.
> Jacob Santos

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