[wp-hackers] Minify Scripts and CSS and why it isn't completely possible

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Jacob - I'd like to second this.  It took me a few tweaks to pull it
up in google. Thanks for bringing attention to it - I've got a couple
plugins I'd like to tweak to insure I'm following this best practice
(and I'm guity of wp-debug as well, my fault for coding first, reading
docs second).


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>        completely      possible
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> Jacob --
> If you want people to use these APIs, would you consider writing up a
> Codex article on "Using the Styles and Scripts APIs"?  If I were
> thinking of using these APIs in my plugins, I would need some
> motivation (why do I want to use the APIs as opposed to whatever else
> I would be doing instead, how do they help my plugin), some
> instruction (how do I use the APIs), hopefully an example or two. As
> we've discussed before on Hackers, PHPDoc isn't the same as an article.
> Also, apparently this API was only added to Trunk in May of this year.
> Which WP release was it included in? Is the API stable, or will it be
> overhauled in an incompatible way in an upcoming version of WP? I for
> one don't tend to jump on new features of WP (even if I hear about it,
> and this one I hadn't), as they are rarely stable. Someone will change
> how it works, and my plugin won't work any more, or if I use it, my
> plugin will no longer be compatible with the older version of WP some
> of my users are still using because their other plugins don't work
> with the new version of WP.
> Anyway, that is my perspective as to why people aren't using it (which
> was the question you asked to start this thread): no how-to doc and
> it's new.
>    --Jennifer
> Jacob Santos wrote:
>> You can read about the Scripts and Styles API at these locations:
>> http://trac.wordpress.org/browser/trunk/wp-includes/class.wp-dependencies.php
>> http://trac.wordpress.org/browser/trunk/wp-includes/functions.wp-styles.php
>> http://trac.wordpress.org/browser/trunk/wp-includes/functions.wp-scripts.php
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