[wp-hackers] Re: wp-hackers Digest, Vol 47, Issue 68

Vladimir Prelovac vprelovac at gmail.com
Tue Dec 23 11:34:18 GMT 2008

Actually with PHP Speedy javascripts and styles do not need to be 
declared using WP API, only condition for combining is that they are 
placed on the same domain.

I have successfully implemented PHP speedy on my blog (prelovac.com) and 
the biggest problems I had to overcome were:
- php speedy does not pick up normal javascript code (not referenced in 
external files) so problem arises with some plugins when the external 
javascript is combined and moved before this code. I solved this by 
modifying PHP Speedy to reference combined javascript at the end of the page
- php speedy is not compatible with wp super cache out of box so I had 
to modify it

With these two changes you get extremly responsive website and in my 
case a main page with only 8 http requests.

> With WP Speedy and my plugin, I'm noticing that not all plugins are 
> using the Script and Styles API. This prevents those stylesheets and 
> scripts from being minified. I plan on going through the plugins I have 
> and "fixing" them, and hopefully the patch is included for the future 
> versions.
> Why don't more plugin and theme authors use the Scripts and Styles API? 
> Is it a documentation issue or is it not high enough of a concern

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