[wp-hackers] Problem with users login

Mário Gamito gamito at gmail.com
Sat Dec 20 10:42:21 GMT 2008


I have this friend of mine that has a (WP) blog. Considered (and voted)
the best blog in Portugal.

He's having a problem. He requires users to be registered in the blog
for commenting.

Everything was running well until a 2 days ago, when suddenly people
started logging in to comment at


and they aren't being redirected to their profile page
/wp-admin/profile.php) or the blog's one.
But the fact is that despite this, they get logged, they just aren't
being redirected.

My best guess is that somehow, file wp-login.php isn't "cooperating"
with wp-login.php

He, as the blog's administrator don't have the problem when logging in.

Firefox says they're being redirected in a way it would never complete
or something like that. Internet Explorer justs does nothing.

So, he asked me for help and gave me a login and password that only
works for FTP. Unfortunately, his hosting doesn't allow shell access.

I've downloaded files .htaccess and wp-login.php through FTP and all
seems ok to me.

He's using 2.7

I'm sorry for not providing you with more details, but I myself don't
have them, not even the raw Apache logs.

Does anyone have a clue of what might be happening and a solution ?

Any help would be more than appreciated.

Warm Regards,
:wq! Mário Gamito
Key Fingerprint: 0x04DA9BC9

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