[wp-hackers] Weird comment paging bug?

Stephen Rider wp-hackers at striderweb.com
Wed Dec 17 00:03:12 GMT 2008

Hi all --

I've encountered a strange bug:

I have a setup of WP 2.7 on my test server.  No plugins are activated,  
and I'm using the default theme.  (Yes, I wrote about this previously,  
but I thought it was a theme problem -- this is the Default theme now.)

I've set comment paging to break on every 10th comment.  A post has 15  
comments.  I leave a test comment on that post, and am taken to .../ 
comment-page-11/#comment-(number).  There are no comments showing  
because I'm on page 11 and there are only 2 pages worth of comments.

If I hit the "Older Comments" link 9 times I will eventually get to  
the proper page with the most recent comments, but... what the heck is  
going on with the redirect?

Any idea what could cause this?


Stephen Rider

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