[wp-hackers] Unique permalinks vs. unique post slugs

scribu scribu at gmail.com
Tue Dec 16 21:02:45 GMT 2008

> More than one category can be associated with a post. So which one do
> you choose as the canonical category for the permalink? Sure, right
> now, it generates that permalink by using whatever the first category
> in the list is, but that's essentially a luck-of-the-draw thing, with
> no real meaning to it.

I forgot about that.

Using category like that is an extremely poor choice for SEO, IMO, and
> it also makes your URLs confusing and inconsistent. I would recommend
> against using it unless you have no other choice (client wants it and
> you can't talk them out of it).
> -Otto

Confusing? Maybe.
Extremely poor choice for SEO? I highly doubt that. If you have descriptive
categories, it's quite the opposite.
If that would be a poor choice for SEO, so would nested pages.

Anyway, if someone gets to an URL that contains a non-existent category
slug, wouldn't it make more sense to issue a 404, instead of serving the
post that has the post slug? Would that check be too expensive?


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