[wp-hackers] re-design pages/post structure for 2.7?

Charles E. Frees-Melvin charles at cefm.ca
Sun Dec 14 22:13:40 GMT 2008

You can use category template files to create the blerb on the top before
the list. E.g. category-6.php 

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My current site is based on wp 2.2.
I customised it so that each web page consists of a wordpress PAGE,then 
underneath there are posts. The two are synchronised using category for 
each page.
The purpose was to enable each menu link (Visitors, 
Fleets,Juniors,Members etc) to display a fixed introduction at the top, 
followed by relevant posts.
(sorry, it's a bit hard to explain, but see http://budworthsc.org.uk/ 
makes it clearer!)

Now I am thinking that Wordpress has moved on so far since 2.2 to 2.7 
that I ought to really update the site - there is the new taxonomy 
stuff, sticky posts and all other good stuff.

The site has a large menu structure, each menu or submenu link shows 
fixed item followed by associated posts. I suppose I am currently using 
categories and pages a bit like a different taxonomy for each web page, 
but that seems even more complex!
I may well be making this over-complex, so any advice gratefully received!
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