[wp-hackers] Cant Lgin to Trac

Shashi connect2shashi at gmail.com
Sat Dec 13 15:55:59 GMT 2008

I just signed up at wordpress.org/support and tried to login at
trac.wordpress.org but couldn't by i have to go out now and by the
time i get back my changes may start conflicting.
It provides the user an option to enable hover to slide open in the
admin sidebar...
So here's the patch i generated using tortise attatched...
(i had previously wrote about it, nobody replied with a point on the
patch)... i also lets users make wp forget menu states.. handy in
smaller screens.

    ,               ,
   /                 \
   `_----' `-----_-'
   `--|  o`   'o |--'
       \  `      /
        ):    : (
         "---- "


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