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Sat Dec 13 04:38:44 GMT 2008

The "Derivative works must be under a compatible license" clause is of the
GPL. Since windows is not under the GPL license, then thats ok.

If the windows License included "Your first born son will hereby become
property of Microsoft" then that would be a legal clause (However, note that
i doubt it'd hold up in court :P), since the windows license doesnt force
itself onto derivative works or programs which run on windows, its not a
2008/12/13 Vladimir Kolesnikov <vladimir at sjinks.org.ua>

> Lynne Pope writes:
>> 2008/12/13 Matt <speedboxer at gmail.com>
>> There is still disagreement, even within the FSF, over whether a simple
>> API
>> call creates a derivative work.
> Please correct me if I am mistaken, but does it mean that there can be no
> *free* (as in freedom) products for Windows? Because any Windows app has to
> call Windows API. But that does not mean that the calling application is
> derivative work from Windows. And it uses license different from that
> Windows does.
> Best regards,
> Vladimir
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