[wp-hackers] WPMU - roles and perms / admin

Bernard D. Tremblay (ben) bentrem at aol.com
Fri Dec 12 02:14:09 GMT 2008

(And apologies if I've missed obvious stuff; -hackers has taken a back 
seat the last few months.)

2 aspects:

* I want my lowest permed members to have post access on all blogs i.e. 
throughout the system / for all sub-domains. (I haven't figured out how 
to make members blogs distinct ... maybe just point them to WP.com *grin*)

* I /don't/ want inexperienced members being blown away by the full 
Admin menu.

Anybody working on making Admin presentation conditional on role?


p.s. ping me by email would help; I'm not always catching replies here.

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