[wp-hackers] New on the list, want to clean up code...

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Wed Dec 10 15:14:24 GMT 2008

In message 
<37fed22b0812100655s1d19e0eatfd98a6f5cc387702 at mail.gmail.com>, Helgi 
Hrafn Gunnarsson <helgi at binary.is> writes
>Alright, thanks for the response. I'll stick to 4.3 features then.
>Are there any plans for changing that?

Logically it would follow on from a quorum of hosting providers getting 
their houses into order and replacing some of the antiquated platforms.

Of course that seems like a really slow process.  One provider that I 
use is only now introducing PHP 5 servers, and the bulk of the platform 
has just been upgraded to 4.4.9.

I think that there is an issue because the web host providers have to 
support the old apps, and the old apps can't move forward because the 
hosting doesn't give them PHP5..


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