[wp-hackers] Plugin submenus in 2.7-RC1

Mark Cunningham mark.cunningham at gmail.com
Mon Dec 8 12:15:58 GMT 2008

I have a plugin that has a top-level menu and then several submenus.
It was working fine in all previous versions of Wordpress 2.7 and I
installed 2.7-RC1 and I just noticed now that when I click on a
submenu, I get "Cannot load tdomf_show_options_menu" instead of the
actual submenu page. I've done some digging around in core, and it
looks like the menu's parent is not correct and so it instead of
treating the submenu as a function, it tries it as a file. I'm not
really sure where it's going wrong figuring out the parent menu
though. Any suggestions?


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