[wp-hackers] Link Table Description Length

Jared Havican jwhavican at gmail.com
Fri Dec 5 19:39:32 GMT 2008

The current table design wordpress uses for links/bookmarks limits the
length of the description to 255 characters.  The field type used is
varchar(255).  This can be very restrictive and in our case we really need
more space available for that field.  I propose changing the field type to
varchar(0) or some other type that will allow much longer descriptions.

We could just modify the code or our database for ourselves, but this could
cause problems if try to restore a backup on a new unmodified installation.
Also, I don't think space limitations these days really require us to limit
descriptions to only 255 characters.  Storage is cheap right?

I have no problem submitting a ticket and patch but I'd like to know what
other people think and what field type would be recommended.


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