[wp-hackers] Re: Plugin upgrade broken?

Michael E. Hancock justmichaelh at gmail.com
Fri Dec 5 16:11:02 GMT 2008

From: "scribu" <scribu at gmail.com>
>> I'm using WordPress 2.7-almost-rc-9965 and I have a plugin installed, 
>> with
>> version 1.7.2. The problem is that it doesn't detect that there is a 
>> newer
>> version (1.7.3) on Extend. When I open it from the Plugin Installer page, 
>> it
>> displays version 1.7.3 correctly, but it says "Latest version installed".

Have 2.7-RC1-10041 installed.
1.  Did Plugins-Add New, used Author 'scribu' search and saw six plugins. 
Installed 'Deviant Thumbs 1.7.4 and activated it.
2.  Did Plugins-Installed and deactived Deviant Thumbs, then did Edit on 
that Plugin, and changed version to 1.7.2.
3.  Visited Plugins-Installed and it showed message, "There is a new version 
of Deviant Thumbs available. View version 1.7.4".  Did the 'upgrade 
automatically' thing and it executed the upgrade successfully.

>> Also, the search by name in the Plugin Installer is useless.

A Plugin search on the term 'deviant' returned three plugins, including 
Deviant Thumbs.  But, I don't have a search by name--just term, author, and 


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