[wp-hackers] How save a post without modifying data

Mikael Hedengren mikael at cylinderlabs.se
Thu Dec 4 00:49:00 GMT 2008


I have added some data fields in a custom section on post edit screen and I
want to save them in a separate table when I click the Save-button.
I have added the 'save_post' action so I expected to get a call to my
save_post function every time the Save-button is clicked but It does not
work as expected.
When I write a new post and enter some data in my fields and click Save my
data fields are not posted to the Save-function (but the Save-function is
If I enter the data into my fields again and click the Save-button the
Save-function is called with my data fields posted correctly.
Does anybody know why this happens and how to correct it?


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