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Jacob Santos wordpress at santosj.name
Tue Dec 2 05:14:45 GMT 2008

Yes. The HTML content, JS, and images probably does take a while to load.

What you are comparing are apples to oranges, which doesn't work well. 
Well, that isn't to say that what you've done already won't hurt. It may 
help PHP that powers WordPress to move faster and any bottleneck, like 
file storage and database access will help. It isn't the cause of your 
slow down.

YSlow doesn't measure server performance, only HTTP and browser 
rendering performance. Firebug likewise. So to clarify, your issue takes 
place on the client side and you tried to find a solution in the wrong 
location. I apologize if I offend you, but I just figured that common 
sense would dictate the solution more clearly than I could have expressed.

So yeah, if you want to speed up the client side performance, you can do 
a number of things, a few you can do on the server side (but not in 
WordPress, unless you want to do the compression in WordPress, but I've 
found that the Apache Deflate module works better). There have been push 
in the past for WordPress to generate a single CSS and JavaScript file 
from the ones that are enqueued and then pack them. However, if you set 
the expires header for the JavaScript and CSS files to a day or a week 
in the future, then it won't really matter since after the first 
download, they won't have to redownload it again.

If you have too many plugins with too many scripts or stylesheets then 
naturally it is going to slow the site down. If you have scripts in the 
page, then that will slow the page down also.

There are a number of solutions, but it isn't WordPress. Well, for the 
most part WordPress won't hold your hand during the process. If you want 
to optimize your theme and site, then it is up to you. There are also a 
number of resources that you can find online which give cookbook type 
examples for most of the points scored in YSlow. Good luck.

Jacob Santos

Jerry Johnson wrote:
> FWIW, yslow is telling me 3.717 seconds for your page load.
> And it felt zippy.
> (ff3, windows xp, comcast cable connection)
> On Mon, Dec 1, 2008 at 11:51 PM, Jacob Santos <wordpress at santosj.name>wrote:
>> I guess you are joking, but I will bite. I will say you make the
>> wpsf-js.php be cached and check to see if you can compress the JS file or
>> pack it. Send word to the plugin author about the speed decrease or just
>> deactivate the plugin.
>> Jacob Santos
>> Peter van der Does wrote:
>>> I have friend who has a site that is extremely slow in loading, we
>>> tried WordPress 2.3.x 2.5.1, 2.6.5. The original site ran 2.3.1 when it
>>> became slow. The site ran fine for 3 weeks and became slow after writing
>>> a post, nothing out of the ordinary, same ole article as any other.
>>> Deleting the post didn't help. The site had about 60 posts.
>>> What is slow, you ask, how about 20 secs to load index.php according to
>>> Firebug, no plugins, default theme. Here's the weird thing, the plugin
>>> wp-spamfree loads a file called wpsf-js.php. This file also takes 20
>>> secs to loads.
>>> On the site is also phpBB installed and there are no speed problems
>>> with it, neither with a php file that was uploaded to show the
>>> phpinfo().
>>> Does anybody have any clue what to look for?
>>> Things we have done so far but didn't help
>>> 1. Optimized tables.
>>> 2. Dropped all tables and imported them again.
>>> 3. Upgraded to 2.6.5
>>> The site: http://1vibe.net
>>> forum: http://1vibe.net/forum
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