[wp-hackers] 2 page sin admin with one plugin

Frank Bueltge frank at bueltge.de
Mon Dec 1 13:53:52 GMT 2008


how it is possible to use two or more different pages in the
admin-area with one plugin.
when i set a options and statistic page via hook to the admin, all
functions are in one php-file, the is the hover-effekt in the new menu
of 2.7 on the two different points.

add_submenu_page( 'index.php', __('Test', 'test'), $menutitle .
$menutitle_count, get_option('level'), __FILE__, 'display_stats' );
add_options_page( __('Settings Test', 'test'), $menutitle, 9,
__FILE__, 'admin_option_page' );

Thanks for your help!

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